Hi everyone, I’m Coach Ryan Knapp.

I am a running coach, driven by the simple goal to become one of the best running coaches in the world.  

In order to do this, I launched Miles to Go Endurance, where I put my 23 years of coaching experience to work and lead a team of incredible endurance athletes who travel, run, race, climb mountains and do epic shit.

23 years? You are only 33 years old!

Well, In 1993 at the age of 10, I proudly took my first coaching assignment, assisting my father in coaching the Yankees at the Boys and Girls Club in my home town of Tonawanda, New York. I never looked back. 23 years later, I’ve coached, educated and led incredible individuals and groups in a variety of sports including soccer, basketball and now, as a full time running coach.

Now, why is this website important? 

Here is where I share the coaching journey.  Here is my place to put something out in the world and say, “Today, I thought this.”  I’ll talk about proven ways to become a better runner, completely new theories and thoughts in which I have no clue how they work and answer the simple question, “How can we run better today than we did yesterday?”  

Along the way, I may be right, I may be wrong, and I may contradict myself. That is the beauty of sharing what I am learning along the way. In two years time, I might look back at a video and think “Wow, I can’t believe I thought that!”

My posts here will vary. You’ll may see a #HeyCoachRyan video, a personal blog, photos, longer form articles and probably definitely pictures of our two Border Collies, Mollie and Pace.

I’ll deliver this information to you, bullshit free.

What is this Miles to Go Endurance you speak of?

The simple answer is, click here to find out! In 2012, my sports coaching priorities shifted to endurance, more specifically, running. And, more specifically, trail, mountain and ultra running.

My focus on mountain, ultra and trail runners has propelled my athletes to incredible performances at many trail and ultra-marathon events, including Badwater 135, Bandera 100k, The North Face ECS 50, Leadville 100, Leadville 50, Graveyard 100 Rouge to Orleans 135, Keys 100, Bear 100, Honey Badger 100, Leadville 50, Ozark Trail 100, Vermont 100 and 50, Madrid-Segovia 100k, Heartland 100, Free State 100k and 40 mile, Hawk 100, Psycho Wyco 50k, Black Hills 50 miler, Sulphur Springs 50 and 100 miler, CanLakes 50 and more.

I have spoken on Ultrarunning for the 2014 RRCA Convention and is in the process of developing their Ultrarunning coaching curriculum. I have been featured in Runners World, CNN, Daily Burn, Run Haven, Greatist How to Run Your Best 5k, TrainingPeaks, Trail Running Magazine (UK) and Triathlete Magazine.

Highlights and standouts in my 22 year coaching career:


  • Founding a national amateur soccer team, called FC Buffalo, with two friends. FC Buffalo still exists today and is going strong.
  • Directing YMCA Summer Camps with more than 200 children and a staff of 30…at age 20.
  • Moving to rural Spain and teaching English to small children.
  • Working in the Marketing Department for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.
  • Coaching high school basketball at my alma mater, Cardinal O’Hara High School. Also successfully coaching a JV team that, in one game, was so outmatched that we did not score in the first half. True story.
  • Teaching hundreds of college lacrosse coaches and soccer coaches how to best use social media with their players and fans.

Coaching is just a fancy term for leadership. Some of the most formative experiences in my coaching career were well off the topic of sports and into business and life. I’ve had the privilege to learn under many incredible coaching mentors, who guided me, gave me opportunities and helped shape me into the coach I am today.